Why Here?

  • Why should I pay for an education when my child

can get one for free?


Can you put a price on a Christ-centered education?

The question should be what worldview do you want

your children to be trained in for 15,000 hours over the

13 years of schooling. The greatest investment you can

make is to train your children in the Truth of God’s

Word – this will reap eternal rewards. 


                 Matthew 24:35
                    Isaiah 55:11


  • I would love to provide my children with a
    Christian education, but how can I consider it
    when I know I can’t afford it?


You might be surprised by how affordable a Christian education can be. NCCS offers tuition assistance programs for families that qualify. We would encourage you to inquire about assistance if needed and trust the Lord to provide for all of your needs. 

2 Corinthians 9:8
Luke 9:23


  • Aren’t Christian schools just an overprotective way of sheltering children from the real world?


    We believe that public education “shelters” students from Truth. NCCS teaches about all faiths and beliefs through a Christian worldview, so that our students are able to know the facts and choose what to believe. In public education children are not taught about religion or presented with all worldviews. Rather, they are told what to believe by ignoring the God of the universe. 

    John 17:14


  • Shouldn’t my children be the “salt of the earth” and the “light of the world” in a public school?


    Many Christian parents are concerned that taking their children out of public school will deprive them of the opportunity to be “salt and light” to the unsaved. Unfortunately, living a missionary life takes training first to be firm in your own faith in the face of opposition and second in sensitivity as to when, how, where to share God's light. The purpose of a Christian school is to work with parents and the Christian community to prepare students to be “salt and light” wherever God chooses to place them in life. 


  • Why should I drive my children to a Christian school when we live next to a public school (or can use public school bus transportation)?


    You make sacrifices everyday and invest in the activities and services that you know will benefit your children the most – why should you approach their education any differently? Your children will spend over 15,000 hours, between kindergarten and twelfth grade receiving their educational training. Consider investing in God’s best.


  • What if I am unable to get to the school by 3:00PM each day for pick up after school?


    NCCS offers after school care for any student from 3:00 PM - 5:30 PM every school day. Club Crusade is a place where younger students can get help with their homework and have fun interation with their friends as well.



“Our kiddos were never as happy in a school setting as they were when they were at NCCS...So grateful to God to be back here” - L. Reedall

  • What is a Christian School? 


All people in all places have basic ideas that they use to

order their lives. These ideas are used like filters to

understand and interpret the world and to guide decision

making and behavior. Taken together, these ideas are

called a worldview. Everyone has a worldview whether

they consciously created one or accepted one or just

absorbed one from the society, religion or philosophy

that is around them.


NCCS defines "Christian School" as a school that is

informed by and reflects a Christian worldview, a school

built on the premise that all eternal truth comes from the

God of the Bible. Since He is the sovereign Creator of our

world, then inquiries about our world are beneficial for

our instruction since they reflect one or more truths

about God.

Why Choose Christian Education?