PRE-SCHOOL  (AGES  2 1/2 - 5)






a preschool program with both a nurturing and an academic atmosphere. 


  • NCCS Preschool is state licensed  (#406212578) and part of a WASC accredited school.

  • We keep teacher/child ratios at less than is required by the state of California.

  • Preschoolers grow academically, creatively and spiritually in our loving environment by quality credentialed or state certified teachers.

  • We offer a flexible schedule, with program days running full (7 am-5:30 pm), 3/4  (7 am-3pm), and half day (8:00-12:30) Monday-Friday with a  2 day minimum enrollment.

  • We offer competitive rates, we also accept CAPSLO (formerly EOC).

  • We use Zoo-Phonics and Bob Jones University Press PreK curriculum, along with creative art activities, science, Bible, math, music and movement.

  • Our Preschool Program serves children from ages 2 1/2  to  5.


Elementary School


WASC accredited and takes pride in its high academic achievements. 


  • We are committed to helping students achieve academic excellence in all disciplines and to provide students with the instruction and guidance they need to reach their potential. 

  • Knowledge is one of the greatest benefits of education only when it is tempered with the moral and spiritual truths that can only be gleaned from the Bible. 

  • God has uniquely blessed NCCS with highly qualified and experienced teachers.  The teachers bring a distinct blend of intellectual knowledge, wisdom, and teaching experience to provide academic excellence.


Current Elementary Classes:


  • Transitional Kindergarten (T-K)

  • Full Day Kindergarten

  • First Grade

  • Second Grade

  • Third Grade

  • Fourth Grade

  • Fifth Grade



 offers ...

 a quality Christ-centered education. 


In partnership with parents, and by providing a loving and nurturing environment, We strive to encourage and foster academic, athletic and aesthetic excellence in each of our students as we prepare them to become graduates.  While pursuing academic excellence and keeping our students on a college preparatory tract we expect our students to:

  • Grow in their Christian maturity

  • Have a knowledge and value of the Christian worldview

  • Have the ability to integrate their knowledge

  • Meet or exceed California state academic standards

  • Pursue academic excellence

  • Be critical thinkers, creative, and good problem solvers

  • Be respectful, responsible peace-makers

  • Maintain personal integrity

  • Develop skills in the arts

  • Develop athletic skills

  • Develop and enhance their God-given talents

Download Preschool & K - 12th Grade Applications: