Alumni, Volunteers, & Donors
NCCS is successful because of the hundreds of people who have championed the mission of NCCS to raise children to the glory of God.


Since you attended NCCS, we have a vested interest in you - we taught you, we prayed for you, we hope we prepared you well for the future --

and we want to know how you're doing.





Giving time and/or money to the various fund-raising activities is critical to having effective events that reduce tuition costs and help grow the school's programs. A great way to help the school in the future is to include NCCS in your estate planning - giving to God's ministries at NCCS to prepare Christians for our needy world.


Consider helping the following needs:

  • Scholarships

  • Athletic Team Sponsors



Just by choosing NCCS, parents show their commitment, but most NCCS parents do even more. Only when the school and the parents work together will the students get the best education possible.


Level 1: Have High Expectations

Set high expectations and then support the children by helping them learn how to be successful at school. Provide a good study environment and schedule at home, monitor homework , meet with teachers when you have questions.


Level 2: Keep Informed

Weekly check RenWeb,  read class bulletins, and check your email. Effective parents use these tools to keep informed, and call when they have questions.


Level 3: Attend Functions

NCCS parents are famous for showing up and cheering for the efforts and successes of our students.


Level 4: Volunteer in Class or Activities

K-6 classes are always in need of parent volunteers. Ask your teacher. Being on campus and in class gives parents a better picture of our program and how their children can get the most out of school.


Level 5: Leadership

Consider being part of the school's leadership teams including the Prayer Group, the Parent Teacher Organization, the School Board, the Accreditation Team, and other opportunities that come up. Contact the school administrator to get really involved in making a better NCCS for all.