Meeting the Aesthetic Needs of Our Students. 

Instruction in the performing arts occurs in various ways:

  • Dramatic literature in every English class

  • Acting and backstage instruction in an elective drama class

  • Production of plays & skits for the school and community

  • Production of musical shows usually twice each year

  • K-6 students participate in the annual Speech Meet where they learn confidence and public speaking skills.


Meeting Students' Art Needs.  The arts are a growing area of the curriculum at NCCS. The offerings vary somewhat from year to year to meet the interests and needs of the current students.


Arts in the Classroom. Elementary students have multiple opportunities in their classes and from supplementary teachers to learn about and practice various arts.


Junior High Opportunities in the Arts. Courses are offered in the arts at the junior and senior high levels. Junior high students get an introduction to the arts in an enrichment period. Students learn some of the history of their art as well as skills in performance. Instruction culminates in presentations of different types.


Courses are offered in music at the junior high level:

  • General music

  • Worship Team.


In reality, some students take more due to their sincere love and talent that they have developed over the years.