Affording NCCS...

$20,000 College Scholarship!


Graduates of NCCS qualify automatically for a $5,000 per year scholarship (times 4 years) at Grand Canyon University.  This makes the net NCCS high school tuition very affordable.

Multiple Children Discounts


Discounts for families with multiple children in grades 1-12 are automatically applied without need for a financial need application:

Tuition rates for the 2018-19

school year are as follows:



Monthly fee ranges from $236 (8 am - 12 pm for 2 days per week) to $688 (7 am-5:30 pm for 5 days per wk)  


Tuition BEFORE April 1

Elementary (TK & K) - $5,548 
or $462 per month

Elementary (1-5) - $6,166
or $514 per month

Secondary (6-12) - $7,196 or $599 per month


Tuition April 1 OR AFTER

Elementary (TK & K) - $5,848 or $487 per month
Elementary (1-5) - $6,466 or $539 per month

Secondary (6-12) - $7,496 or $625 per month


Other fees for registration, books, sports, camps, and some misc. items apply.

Number of Chirdren in the Family:





Discount Off the Family's Total Tuition:





Financial Aid:


Financial Aid is available but limited, so an application is necessary.


Financial aid is allocated first to our returning families. Assistance is given based on space availability in the classroom, financial need, longevity with the school and date of application.


Financial aid applications can be obtained from the school office or downloaded. All applications must be mailed before August 1 for the following school year in order to get a timely decision on aid to:


Confidential Financial Services


Use the school registration code: 64457.


Education is costly but well worth the sacrifice given the preparation for a lifetime of joy and success that honors God. NCCS works hard to reduce the cost of tuition by fund-raising from several sources such as the NCCS Thrift Shop Mall, the Annual Fund, and the Auction. These provide significant financial support that reduces parent costs and produces financial assistance for families in greater need.


Tuition payments are due in advance but there are options to make them more affordable:

(1) full payment due by June 30 or 

(2) two payments - one at registration and one by November 1 or 

(3) twelve monthly payments using SMART Tuition Service.



Textbook annual fees are $265 for K-5 and average about $400 for middle school/senior high.


Additional fees vary depending on participation in sports, special trips, or lab courses that are taken.